Hello (again) and welcome to WordPress

This is my first proper update for some years.  Ever since Jon passed away there didn’t seem much point blogging, and having lost several friends and family over recent years, the blog seemed to fade more into the past. What with the rise of Facebook I thought I’d use that to keep in touch with […]

Time Machine FTW!

Time Machine just saved my arse! Or, more-so, an hour or so’s worth of work. What’s more I didn’t even have my Time Machine drive plugged in — Lion saves local Time Machine backups whilst on-the-move. Gotta love that!

Thoughts on Flash

Thoughts on Flash Steve shares his thoughts on Flash posthumously in this unique and rare insight.

Thomas’ blog

Thomas has created his own blog over at http://thomasallchin.co.uk — head on over and see what he’s been up too.

tumblr blogs

Well, I think I’ve figured tumblr out, or at least, I’m getting there. Once you get around the nuances it’s actually quite cool. I think an in-built comments system would have been the way to go, but I guess integrating DISQUS across several blogs, particularly several platforms, does have its benefits. Anyways, I present two […]

tumblr comments

Commenting on tumblr posts seems far too difficult, if at all possible. What’s the point of a new social tool if one is unable to interact with anything more than a ‘like’?

R.I.P. my Beloved Brother

Rest In Peace my Beloved Brother for you shall always be in our hearts and minds. I miss you greater than words can say, may we meet again xxx

Primal Instincts

Firstly, Happy New Year! I sat down and watched the New Year in with a JD & Coke and a bowl of ready salted Hula Hoops. As the stroke of midnight loomed I decided to capture any local fireworks with my new camera. Quickly flicking through the Index ‘B’ revealed nothing about Burst Shot mode. […]