PC demos

BF3 out and MW3 looming on the horizon. Why though do we get 15 versions of a game and not ONE demo?!? Sup with that. To top it off, the PC section at GAME seems to be getting smaller by the day. And, despite an ageing PS3 or Xbox360 running the game fine, my PC […]

PS3 – 5 days to go!

I popped into Lakeside today and pre-ordered my PS3, just 5 days until launch! Owen reckons the Xbox 360 is the King of the Hill but I have my bets on Sony. There’s been a lot of bad press surrounding the PS3, little interest, too expensive, but the proof is in the pudding. This little […]

BF2 Freeze Fix

Battlefield 2 has to be one of the best games I’ve ever played, I even bought a new GFX card to play it — Eye-popping graphics, jaw-dropping game-play and mother f*#&ing bugs! Yes, even silver linings have a cloud. It all started with an nVidia update in what seems like a lifetime ago. Having spent a […]

Buggyfield 2

If you’re into gaming at all you’ve probably already heard of BF2. If you’ve ever played it you probably also know it has to rank as one of the buggiest games ever made. This is a real shame as it has some awesome graphics, fantastic teamplay, and jaw-dropping maps. Did I mention the awesome graphics? […]

Battlefield 2 on GeForce4

I haven’t really kept abreast of the Battlefield games as my gfx card doesn’t support it, but it would seem everyone’s ranting on about them. I am an avid gamer though, and have long been a fan of the Unreal series and RTCW/Enemy Territory. So, when I found a little app that would let me play BF2 […]

UT2007 mmph!

It seems like only yesterday I picked up my first Flak Cannon and wandered into an Unreal world. Marooned on a distant planet surrounded by a strange habitat, I stepped forth into the wilderness on what was to become an Epic journey. Many years have passed since, and the mighty Liandra Corporation has come to […]