Comment Spam

It seems someone has cracked the Turing test of AkoComment bot yet again. Ako, where are thou? Joomla 1.5 has been out for a while now — I’ll look at upgrading soon. Hopefully it’ll have some better safeguards against this sort of thing. Well, I’ve been playing with my Mac recently, and I’m VERY impressed. […]

The Dark Side

I did something for the first time the other day. I bought a Mac. Wow! That’s the response Microsoft would rather you have about Vista, but if the recent calls to extend XP are anything to go by, they shouldn’t hold their breath. I can safely say I’m in the wow-zone with Apple though — […]

WD MyBook Hacks

My external USB hard-drive packed up recently and I found myself in the need of a new one. I mentioned this to a friend whom suggested a 1Tb NAS unit at PC World for just £149.99. Bargain I said. I googled the item in question and beholden — it runs Linux! At its heart lies […]

Ladies and Gentlemen…

Joomla! 1.5 is HERE! Yes, yes, we’ve all been waiting (well I have) and the moment of truth beholds us… After 2½ years in the making, Joomla 1.5 stable is HERE! I’ve only just finished updating the site so I’m not about to rush off and install it – no doubt some migration issues will […]

Linux – 2, Windows – 0

I got home today and noticed my light and an appliance was switched on. No biggy I thought, perhaps I’d left it on, but in my geeky nature it occured to me the appliance was running Linux and I could issue an uptime command to check how long it had been running. I fired up […]

Antipathy of Web Design?

I was browsing for some MySQL tutorials today and fell upon one of pages. It provided the basic information needed, however, I couldn’t help but feel the ethos of good web design was lost amongst what could only be describes as stupid fuggin adverts and rollovers. The main content of the page is lost […]

Vista Woes

Here I am again for my monthly update! I really need to find more time to blog. Once a month is pitiful. So, what’s my problem with Vista? Typical Linux incompatibility that’s what. Gnome has a pretty good disc burning tool built in. If you pop a blank disc into the drive it notices and […]

T +9 days and counting

What to say. I’ve been busy with work lately, not much time for blogging. I really must make more of an effort. PS3 rocks, a bit like an uber PSP. I’ve been thrashing it through the undergrowth in the Stuuka on Motorostorm. You can find me on PlayStation Home under mallchin. I played the Wii […]

Spam – Get your own back!

Who doesn’t wake up to find their Inbox full of Viagra and small penis advertisements? Let’s face it, spam sucks! I just happen to have noticed a new Email Marketing community site open its doors recently. It bills itself as a resource for email marketers to share tips’n’tricks of the trade. Most notably, methods for working […] Stolen Works

It would seem are distributing a modified (credits removed) version of Lua FileManager. This looks like common practise for all the software hosted on their site. I suggest people google the original developers homepages for original software.